SmartOrder - mobile terminal
for quickly accepting orders
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for restaurants
automated with Syrve
SmartOrder app turns your smartphone into a mobile terminal
Comfortable for guests
You can send a cooking order or make a guest payment directly from the table. Your guests will not waste a single extra minute waiting!
Convenient for staff
The waiter works from his Android smartphone. You no longer need to write down orders on pieces of paper and then transfer them to the cash register - they immediately go into Syrve.
Beneficial for you
By increasing the speed of service, you can increase table turnover and revenue. And satisfied guests will tell their friends about your restaurant.
Even more convenience on your tablet
SmartOrder can work in landscape mode, making the work of waiters even more comfortable. Watch the video to see how easy it is to use the app on your tablet.
Everything you need to serve your guests
Your employees will instantly master the app thanks to an interface reminiscent of the familiar Syrve POS screen
New features added in latest versions:
Menu location at the bottom of the screen; Splitting items among guests; Additional orders for the table; Connect to the cash register using a QR code; Type of order by course; Blocking orders for editing; Card at the entrance; Delivery and pickup (SmartOrder delivery extension license); Price categories; Changing the table, combining orders, choosing a waiter for the order, transferring the guest to a new order; Adding guests via QR, NFC cards and manually (check-in)
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Plugin for Syrve POS
The plugin is installed on Syrve POS automatically when ordering a license after closing a cash register shift, or manually using the "Check and update plugins" button in the "Plugins" menu.
If the server is not in the cloud and auto-installation does not work, you may need
to create a folder <server-root>\exploded\update\plugins on the server