Current information about your restaurant on Telegram
The multi-platform tool is aimed at a fairly wide range of employees - this could be the owner of his business who wants to control the situation in real time or a restaurant manager who conscientiously performs his duties. It could even be a manager at his workplace who wants to actively influence the situation in the restaurant when dangerous operations arise.
Features of @smart_control_bot

Expected revenue
Total revenue of open and closed orders.

Loading tables
Information about the percentage of occupied tables to the total number of tables in your restaurant.

Dangerous operations
Number of hazardous operations within the current shift.

Banquets and reservations
Information on the number of banquets planned or currently being held.

Information about the number of employees with open shifts.

Number of guests
The indicator provides information about the number of guests served by an employee during a shift.

Open orders
The number of open orders and the planned amount of revenue from them.

Closed orders
The number of closed (paid) orders and the amount of revenue from them.
Analysis of events will allow you to identify situations that require verification. For your convenience, we have divided events into semantic groups (types).

You will always see the events that happen in your restaurant - where, when and who did it.