SmartControl -
live information about your restaurant

Current information about the operation of your restaurant. This wonderful tool is aimed at a fairly large circle of employees, this could be the owner of his business who wants to control the situation in real time or a restaurant manager who conscientiously performs his duties. It could even be a manager at his workplace. Using our SmartControl mobile application, you move around in space, and at the same time always know EVERYTHING about your restaurant!

We recommend using this application together with SmartReport
Quickly assess the situation
Thanks to a convenient, well-thought-out interface, you can quickly assess the situation. By clicking on the indicator you are interested in, you can drill down into more detail.
Revenue information
Expected revenue = revenue from open orders + revenue from closed orders.
Loading tables
Information about the percentage of occupied tables in your restaurant.
Dangerous operations
The number of dangerous operations within the current shift; by clicking on this indicator you can view operations divided into groups or view all operations.
Banquets and reservations
Information about the number of open banquets that are currently going on.
Information on the number of employees with open shifts; clicking on this indicator will take you to the restaurant employee sales report.
Monitoring key indicators divided by cash group will allow you to reflect the real picture in as much detail as possible.
Revenue from open and closed orders
Information on revenues of orders with different statuses.
Information on the sections
Detailed information on the sections includes information on open and closed orders, occupied and free tables, open and closed banquets and reservations.
Switching between cash groups
Thanks to the user-friendly interface, you can quickly understand which cash group has problems and move on to the cash group that requires your attention.
Analysis of events will allow you to identify situations that require verification; for your convenience, we have divided events into semantic groups (types).
List of events
You will always see the latest events that happened in your restaurant. Where, when and who did them.
View events by type
We have divided events in the system by type, this will allow you to track an event or group of events and identify possible abuses. By clicking on an event group you will receive a complete list of events for this cash register group from the beginning of the shift. Events are arranged in order of their occurrence.
Revenue by employee
Revenue by employees divided into POS groups.
Number of guests
The indicator provides information about the number of guests served by the employee at the moment.
Open orders
Quantity and amount of revenue from open orders
Closed orders
Quantity and amount of revenue from closed (paid) orders
Plugin for Syrve POS
The plugin is installed on Syrve POS automatically when ordering a license after closing a cash register shift, or manually using the "Check and update plugins" button in the "Plugins" menu.
If the server is not in the cloud and auto-installation does not work, you may need
to create a folder <server-root>\exploded\update\plugins on the server